Exeter, Devon Newborn Photographer | Newborn poses for your newborn photography session

Newborn photography is a beautiful & timeless way to document the first steps of your baby's new life!

Investing in newborn photography is more than just a small price tag, there are various reasons as to why you should hire a professional to photograph your newborn but I will go through this in another blog so keep a lookout!

Today I wanted to show you a huge range of different poses I create with your newborn during your session, these poses are created safely and made to accentuate your baby's cute, adorable little features!

newborn photography poses exeter


This is an absolute favourite of any parent! Who doesn't love seeing all those toes & fingers cutely placed together! Wrapped poses are a beautiful and timeless way to capture your newborn that truly highlights how tiny & squishy they are at this age! Wrapped poses can be done in a variety of ways including in props like baskets or buckets!

newborn poses exeter studio

Forward Facing

This is possibly one of my favourite poses as it can be done on a blanket backdrop or in a prop! It really draws your attention to baby's squishy cheeks & beautiful facial features! Add in a headband, cuddly bear or a sleepy cap & you've got a wall worthy portrait!

baby photography posing exeter

Potato Sack

Surrounded by luxurious float, or in a cute little prop, your babe is snug as a bug in a rug!

This pose is always a fan favourite & allows multiple poses in one!

newborn posing photography exeter

Side Lay

A sleepy baby is a happy baby. Especially when they are loosely wrapped and relaxing in their own way, which this pose is perfect for! This pose makes the newborn look dainty & relaxed which is a lovely natural way to document their little features.

devon newborn photography poses

Tushie up

Naked images are beautiful and can be done very tastefully, with all their little bits well hidden! This is a firm parent favourite!

cute newborn poses photography exeter


This pose is perfect for seeing all those perfect little fingers and toes whilst being all squished up and cozy. This pose is very dependant on baby and if they feel comfortable.

baby tucked in photography exeter

Tucked In

Tucked into the backdrop, baby is all snuggles in and this pose is a great statement piece for your wall as it shows off your baby's facial features perfectly.